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Last updated 10/26/22.

The CUSD Parents group on Nextdoor has been growing organically with about 10-15 new community members joining each week. Requests to join are verified based on the user’s Nextdoor neighborhood to confirm affiliation with CUSD (e.g. alumni, parent, student, community member). As a result, the distribution of members in the 1600+ CUSD Parents group (as of Oct ’22) represents a broad distribution of members from across all areas of the district, CUSD cities, and CUSD schools.

As a service to the district and the community, we frequently run polls on various district issues in the group. We recognize that these polls are not perfect. There will be some sampling bias as those that respond may be predisposed, are Nextdoor users and more likely parents versus the community at large. In addition, although we strive to gather as many responses as we can, some of our polls have 60 responses while others have over 200. Although this is within the sampling range for a total parent community of around 20K, we can’t influence who decides to respond.

All said, we do believe these polls provide directional value and should be observed in consideration with other higher-quality polling data as well as other data points. If you have ideas of polls for us to run, please email us at or direct message any of the admins on Nextdoor. Below is only a sampling of some of the polls we have run as others are quite transient and no longer applicable (e.g. COVID policies); see many more in the CUSD Parents group on Nextdoor. In addition, each of our polls are usually posted with context and background information which is lacking from the graphs below as well as the dates when each of these polls was run. Please join the CUSD Parents group on Nextdoor to see more details.